vernon c.
My first time having soup less Ramen and I'm impressed...I had the garlic chicken ramen and everything was spot on delicious and well seasoned and the noodles have an al dente feel to them Aka they are amazing...Looking forward to coming back and trying the other bowls.
Jason L.
It was really good! Didn't know it was soupless before we walked in, but was pleasantly surprised. It was so good we went in again the next day!
Winna P.
I'm so surprised this place only has four stars!!!! It deserves much more. We had the age tofu, the karatage, the original and sukiyaki noodles. Everything was delicious and beyond our expectations. The chashu was seared to perfection and the tofu was very crunchy and soft at the same time. The service was very quick, but we did go during a slow time. And we really liked the decor!! It definitely added to the whole experience. I would highly recommend checking this place out since it is still pretty new.
david chen
Newest ramen spot to hit the Chinatown square strip: really nice and inviting atmosphere serving soup-less ramen. Our server was super nice and helpful while we were figuring out what to order. We ended up trying the homura and sukiyaki, both turned out great.
Varvara Bondarenko
The noodles were really delicious, apparently they are house made. Nice and attentive service. At the time we came, it was really busy, but we got a table after ten minutes waiting. Overall, had nice experience, just wish they had bubble tea.
Jade R.
The food was really good and the atmosphere was really nice, quite quiet for Chinatown. They are still in the soft opening phase, so they are still getting accustomed to customers-- but the customer service we received was great and no complaints. The three dishes we ordered had very distinctive flavors despite having most of the same basic ingredients. I just recently had aburasoba at a different restaurant at my introduction to the dish and this really blew that out of the water. After mixing, the ingredients mix with the sauce and the dish becomes very cohesive. Note that the "poached egg" option is extremely soft so it might not be for everyone. Every table included a tray of condiments (a mild chili oil, sesame seeds, black pepper, vinegar, and garlic powder).
Shelby Wojnicki
Food was awesome! Tasty sauce on the bottom of the noodles! Friendly service & aesthetically pleasing decor!
Yalun Sheng
We went on 4/28. Not to many people. We ordered The original and Old Bay Bei. Love them. The Original smells really good. The smell of lard is really obvious, but not in a bad way. It gives a lot of flavor to the noodles. Shrimp noodle is also very refreshing. The lemon sauce suites the noodle very well. I don’t think I had too many shrimp noodles like this. Mostly seafood noodles are really smells like sea food, which i don’t really like, but this one is highly recommended.
Hester M.
Pretty good noodles here. Ordered the Homura and it was good! Tasty and had a lot of flavor. Didn't really need to add anything else to it. My friend got the original and her's was not bad, needed an egg. Liked it better once she added some garlic and sesame powder to it.